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TWIN SKIN CABINS Please note in the image below the corner joints are machined and manufactured in such a way as to make an extremely well fitting corner and one which when the timber expands and contracts as all timber does will provide a much better weather seal than most simple corner joints. Craftsmanship and experience are at the root of our wide and extremely varied product range of standard kits and madetoorder models. TWIN SKIN LOG CABINS LV Locating a suitable garden building supplier for Garden Sheds Heavy Duty Workshops Garages Greenhouses Conservatories Summerhouses Gazebos Log Cabins or Leisure Chalets or Childrens Playhouses can prove to be more of a headache than you might think. TWINSKIN LOG CABINS LV The Log 35 to 60 cabins have a log length of 4.9m and have an area ranging from 35 to 60 square metres. They are slightly taller than the Log 15-33 range of cabins and have 1.2m high windows compared to 1m and a ceiling 11cm higher. Typical uses for Log 35 to 60 cabins are as holiday cabins site offices or granny annexes. TWIN SKIN CABINS LV Having a garden office can allow natural light to flow into the windows illuminating your work area. Sunlight is easier on the eyes as many people develop headaches after working under fluorescent lights for a long period of time. This will also cut down on the amount of power used on lighting but it is likely to increase the temperature of the room. A solution for this is to use blinds curtains or shades to filter out some of the light. LOG CABINS LV 70mm Wall logs

The very best timber all from sustainable sources This book is essential reading for anyone who is considering or continuing to work from home. This book helps you weigh up the pros and cons of working from home. You're guided through aspects such as setting up office space ergonomic furniture maintaining a worklife balance and looking at the more ecofriendly side of home office working. TWIN SKIN LOG CABINS LV The Very Log Cabin & Log Home Kits Worldwide! TWINSKIN LOG CABINS LV physical and mechanical characteristics of the wood. TWIN SKIN CABINS LV Many people choose to have a shed put in their garden to serve as their office. This separates the home from the work which may give some the psychological aspect of being 'in the office.' The shed should be large enough to house all the furnishings you will need to do you business while still allowing you room to move. A shed is a cheap alternative to building onto your home but may be a less secure place to store valuables such as a computer and private files. LOG CABINS LV Protection of the timber from sun and damp using timber preservatives or finishes before or after erection of the house will protect the timber and avoid decay. As will good aeration.

TWIN SKIN CABINS It can get very muddy and damp in the winter so locating the door of the building next to a path is always good news. The wood used throughout the cabin is from dried timber sourced from sustainable forests. This provides timber with a tight dense grain which allows the building to last for years and is resistant to movement and degradation TWIN SKIN LOG CABINS LV Garden offices however are one room outbuildings (two if you have the money to include a bathroom) that are designed to house everything you need to properly work at home. The commute is just a short walk away from your home but the space your business will be entitled to is worth every step. TWINSKIN LOG CABINS LV
Restroom window turn/cant TWIN SKIN CABINS LV Select one of these pages to discover links to suitable garden and leisure buildings suppliers in your area. If you contact one of the companies we list please be sure to mention THE Directory of Garden and Leisure Buildings. If you know of a related garden building summerhouse playhouse garage log cabin company which is not listed in this directory please contact them and suggest they add their website to our Leisure Garden Buildings database. LOG CABINS LV The interior cladding itself may be flexibly selected from a choice of pine particle board or gypsum plasterboard.

TWIN SKIN CABINS 19mm Tongue and groove roof Our log houses meet all necessary Building RegulationsLog Homes make affordable and sustainable housing TWIN SKIN LOG CABINS LV With a range of standard sizes (larger sizes available) and with many options you can be assured these Log Cabins will meet your long term needs in the garden. Also these Cabins can be optionally erected onto your level base. TWINSKIN LOG CABINS LV unparallel in quality and design. The Walls acts as a protective shield against the harshest of elements and goes without saying that 2 walls are better than 1- the use of our highly durable materials make this a very warm force to be reckoned with. The cabin is designed to be the ideal size for both leisure and commercial use whether it be a large summer house to relax in or a quiet comfortable and professional office to work and liaise with clients in without the inconvenience and relatively high cost of building an extension moving house or renting office space. Our standard designs will satisfy virtually any requirements and represent a combination of quality and value. All our cabins are manufactured from sustainable resources. TWIN SKIN CABINS LV A beautiful full length terrace protected by an overhanging roof is accessed by triple glazed double doors from the lounge. The lounge is full height up to the roof. Stairs lead from the lounge to the split level loft area at the rear of the building suitable for use as a bedroom or study. LOG CABINS LV Craftsmanship and experience are at the root of our wide and extremely varied product range of standard kits and madetoorder models.

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